PHP Movie Script

PHP Movie Script


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Front-End Features

  • 500 Movies pre-loaded so you're ready to go.
  • Embedded videos (megavideo, youku, tudou, etc).
  • Add multiple versions for each movie.
  • List of movies added today.
  • List of movies added yesterday.
  • Browse A-Z List.
  • Browse movie genres.
  • Browse movie years.
  • Search feature makes finding movies quicker.
  • Store movie views (today and overall).
  • Suggest random movies on all movie pages.
  • Similar movies from same genre on all movie pages.
  • Broken video reports.
  • Good on-page SEO, you'll pull in the traffic in no time.
  • Make money with CPM Banners & CPA Affiliate Links instantly.

Administrator Features

  • Add movie.
  • Add embedded videos.
  • Add links (if you've turned link trades on).
  • Manage broken movie reports.

Configuration Settings

  • Turn CPM (banner) advertising on or off.
  • These are a nuisance to users but the option is there, everybody likes to earn more money!
  • Turn link trades (friends) on or off.
  • Perform link exchanges with similar websites and friends, share traffic and reap the rewards of link juice to better your search engine positions.
  • Turn embedded videos on or off.
  • If this option is turned off then you will earn much more money, instead of displaying the embedded movie video file from your database, we'll just show an image of a video player, which, when clicked, will request that the user installs a required video player through our affiliate link, which pays upto $1.45 for each install.


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